Jenna Pfingsten

Developer, storyteller, adventure enthusiast


I'm a front-end developer excited about creating beautiful + functional websites.

I'm currently a senior at Drake University, where I’m studying computer science and magazine journalism. I'm spending these next few months simultaneously itching to get into the real world and savoring my time left a college student before I graduate in May.

Right now I'm interning as a front-end developer spending my free time learning as much as I can about web development + brushing up my Javascript skills.

What I'm up to now:

  • Working on a website for a fantasy Iditarod league
  • Serving as webmaster for Urban Plains
  • Learning PHP and getting better at Javascript

You can see more of my journey from magazine journalist to front-end developer here.

What I've done

With a journalism and computer science background, I have experience writing clean code and compelling words. Take a look at some of work below.


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