Jenna Pfingsten

Developer, storyteller, adventure enthusiast

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I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, where I lived in the same house until moving off to college. Both of my parents are engineers, so working in a technical field was always something I saw myself doing.
Taught myself basic HTML
A virtual pet site I was on at the time let you join "clubs" that each had a basic HTML layout. I looked through the starter code and began making changes to the things I didn't like, adjusting font sizes and creating new divs.
Started at Drake University
I came to Drake fresh-faced and with hopes of one day being an editor or a writer. I double majored in magazine journalism and English. A lot has changed since that first day at orientation, and I'll be sad to leave in May after 4 years of great memories and experiences.
Assistant Online Editor
Shortly after starting my freshman year, I was hired as an assistant editor for, the website companion for Drake Magazine. I worked with a team to edit stories and learned a lot about what "real" journalism looks like.
First computer science class
I always wanted to try my hand at coding, so I roped my roommate into taking an intro-level CS course. This was when I discovered I love coding - and I'm pretty good at it.
Declared a computer science major
After going back and forth, I declared CS as my second major (after dropping English to a minor). This decision set the trajectory for the rest of my college career.
Started at Meredith
For my first "real" internship, I was hired at Meredith as a copy-flow coordinator. It was a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the publishing world, but it also showed me that I didn’t see myself working in publishing for the rest of my life.
Hired as Executive Online Editor
After writing for Drake Magazine for 2 years, I was hired as Executive Online Editor for I was in charge of a team of writers, editors, and photographers, and I was the one behind running the website. As a CS/journalism combo, this was right up my alley.
Left Foot Farm
Rather than pursue a “typical” internship, I spent the summer after my junior year on a goat farm outside of Seattle. I learned so much in those two months that no desk job could ever teach me and fell back in love with the great outdoors.
Back at Meredith
After coming back from the farm for my senior year, I landed an internship at Meredith doing front-end web development, where I’m still at today.
Urban Plains
For our senior capstone, Urban Plains, I was hired as webmaster. I executed a redesign of the site earlier this year, and I'm in charge of maintaining the website and a team of webmasters.
I graduate from Drake this May, so I’m currently looking for a job doing front-end web development. With so much to learn in this field, I’m constantly learning. It can be intimidating at times, but it’s exciting to be entering a career where I won’t be doing the same thing every day.